Do You Have a Mentor?

When thinking of mentorship, one option involves a mentor/mentee dyad. This is actually the format with which I have the most experience. While I have gone a good while without adding content to this blog, I wanted to share details about a unique opportunity for one-on-one mentorship, offered through the Fellows of the AANP (FAANP). The FAANP Mentorship provides an opportunity to work with an NP leader/mentor over a one-year period. Details on how to apply to the next cohort should be disseminated shortly via AANP’s LinkedIn and other posts. Meanwhile, you can learn more HERE. A document describing this program’s history is linked below.

While this is a well-established one-on-one mentorship program, it currently is limited to one cohort schedule each year and has some expectations that participants attend an orientation meeting held during AANP’s annual conference. If the timing and ability to travel are not possible, other opportunities may be available in your vicinity. If not, what can YOU do to get one started? Consider other models of mentorship, including group mentorship, which is becoming more familiar. These often are referred to by names such as “mentorship circle”, “mastermind mentorship”, or simply group mentorship. I will provide more details on this model of mentorship, which could be replicated in your community! Stay tuned.