What’s Your Sparketype?

Jonathan Field is an entrepreneur, host of the Good Life Project podcast, and creator of the Sparketype approach, which helps to identify what type of activity helps us to be excited and inspired–getting more out of work and life. His book, SPARKED, Discover Your Unique Imprint For Work That Makes You Come Alive outlines the development of this approach and describes the 10 different Sparketypes which most people fall within. Describing these Sparketypes, he helps us to understand how to get the most enjoyment out of our work. I recently took the Sparketype assessment and it absolutely identified the area in which I would (and do) work regardless of whether or not I’m being paid. And also the area that I find less pleasure and purpose in, even when it must be accomplished. I really encourage you to Sparketype.com and take the assessment! Let me know what you learned. There is also a Sparked podcast that helps listeners learn more about what their Sparketype means for them.