Be An Informed Patient

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If you have new problems, be sure to let your healthcare provider know:

  • The symptoms you are having and when they started
  • What treatments you have tried and how they worked
  • What makes symptoms better or worse (resting, eating, medications, etc.)
  • Whether the symptoms affect activities (walking, eating, sleeping, etc.)

To understand your conditions, ask:

  • What your diagnosis is and what the diagnosis means
  • Whether it will resolve or is chronic
  • What your current treatments are and what they do



For new medicine or treatment, ask:

  • What the medicine or treatment is for
  • Whether it replaces something else
  • How it should be taken (time of day, with or without food, etc)
  • How long should it be taken and whether you should request a refill before running out
  • About any possible side effects or allergies
  • Whether you should avoid anything while taking it (other medicine, supplements, food, etc)

At each appointment, remember to:

  • Always tell your provider about any other treatments you are receiving
  • Ask any questions you have about your health and treatments
  • Receive written instructions for new treatments
  • Know when to follow-up