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 Continuing education for Nurse practitioners (NPs) makes up the majority of INPE's services.  Additional projects include the creation of practice resources to promote patient-centered and evidence-based care. Our programs are designed and delivered by expert NPs.

INPE is honored to be the online CE provider for both the Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) and CVS Minute Clinic, collaborating on programming to meet their members' or employees' needs. 



New!  Living with COPD--Answers to Your Questions  


This brief booklet is designed to inform persons diagnosed with COPD to promote optimal outcomes.  Learn more HERE


 NRCME Training Course

This course prepares healthcare providers with the knowledge needed to successfully complete the mandatory NRCME certification test.  The course online course is delivered 24/7 through 6 course modules and is 100% updated for 2016.  In addition to the lectures, printable handouts, additional videos, and recommended NRCME and FMCSA resources are included.  Quizzes validate successful course completion and a sample test-bank is also offered to help learners study and prepare for the NRCME test. Learn more HERE



INPE has a variety of highly-rated, cost-effective, and evidence-based programs.  Visit the complete listing under "online continuing education" under the upper left menu, or the INPE CE Center (