Godin says that leaders are authentically generous, setting out to give rather than receive. They are visionary, recognizing the ability to leverage their ideas into change and matching their passion with this vision. They see the power that individuals can exert and have faith that change is both worthwhile and achievable. They are heretical in that they maintain faith in their abilities and purpose, as well as a sense of curiosity. They facilitate connections between their followers—forming the tribe/community, giving members a platform to help to spread their ideas. They don’t settle, but feel obligated to raise the bar. They have overcome fear of failure, own their outcomes, and are unconcerned about who receives credit when the outcomes are positive. They don’t stall or delay launching initiatives.

Leaders are those who have taken on the decision to “lead”--to facilitate the tribal community in its growth as more show up, sharing the vision of the future. In NP organizations, there are many ways to lead—providing member feedback, contributing to policy work, assisting with CE or conferences, serving on communication teams, the list is almost endless.

Godin is a consummate marketer and asks readers who learn from his book to share it with others, and I highly recommend it as a means to motivate others to affiliate in a productive manner. There are relevant groups for NPs at the state level and national level which are worthy of our membership and which are working diligently to ensure that patients in the U.S. have access to care from whichever healthcare provider they choose. It is easy to become complacent as we perform our daily practice and achieve the intended outcomes. However, there remain those without access high-quality healthcare and who meet obstacles in seeking NP care, specifically.   We need to remember that as part of a recently emerged and growing healthcare role, we need to continue to step-up, follow our passion for excellent healthcare delivery, and help to accomplish new goals while holding past achievements. Doing so increasingly requires affiliations, the NP Tribe or Tribal Network. Consider ways to contribute through an NP group/organization at some level, if you are not already doing so. Seek opportunities to leverage ideas into actions.  Remember: We Need YOU To Lead Us!

Godin, S. (2008). Tribes: We need you to lead us. NY: Penguin Group.