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 INPE Online, Interactive CE Center

The INPE Online CE Catalog is growing. Our robust INPE online CE Center library of multimedia educational activities covers a broad range of topics designed to help you to make the greatest impact on your patients' outcomes. You will find a mix of clinical topics, practice management, and professional development topics.  

Most activities in the INPE Online CE Catalog include pharmacology credit.  A list of available topics is provided below.  Select a title to learn more about individual courses or register HERE.

Activity Topic   

 Total Contact Hrs

  Pharm. Contact Hrs   Cost       
Hypothyroidism THyroid Anatomy 1.25 .9  $18  
Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA 1.0   $ 15 
Consultation & Referral  1.1   $ 15 
Preparticipation Physicals 1.25    $18  
Vaccine Hesitancy iStock 000058951976 Medium 1.25  1.25  $ 18  
Iron Deficiency Anemia 1.25  0.4   $ 15 
Legal Issues & Prescribing 1.0   1.0   $ 18  
Management of Obese Patients w/Metabolic Dysregulation 1.7   1.0   $22  
Medication Adherence 1.2   1.2   $ 15 
NRCME Training Course 7.5  


Pharmaceutical Sampling 1.0  1.0  $18  
Writing for Publication 1.2   $ 15 
Pharmacology Package I    5.2  5.1  $ 65  
Pharmacology Package II 5.2  4.5  $ 65  

As you register for your first INPE online course, take a few minutes to become familiar with the INPE online CE system. In addition to the "multimedia"  delivery combining slides with audio instruction, each includes a printable handout, as well as a "notes" section where you can record points as you view each program.  Your notes will remain visible and embedded in your version of the activity to refer to even after you complete the program. Your CE certificate can be printed as soon as you successfully complete the online post-test and evaluation. 


INPE ANPF Obesity Course