Dr. Mary Jo Goolsby has been an adult NP since 1982 and her clinical experience has included adult primary care, as well as specialty practice in both endocrinology and pulmonology.  Dr. Goolsby has over 25 years of experience in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of NP education, including NP academic training and NP accredited continuing education and her doctorate is in higher education.  She has conducted extensive  research on NP practice and the NP workforce which has been broadly used to inform policy makers, workforce researchers, and other stakeholders.  Dr. Goolsby has published three textbooks, including a 2006 AJN Book of the Year, and numerous chapters and articles. She presents internationally and nationally on NP and their practice and she has participated in panels and programs sponsored by organizations such as IOM, AHRQ, NIH, and CDC.  Prior to creating the Institute for NP Excellence, LLC (INPE), Dr. Goolsby led the Research, Education, and Professional Practice division of AANP for approximately 12 years.  At INPE, she focuses on providing evidence-based education and resources for NPs and continuing her research program.   

 Dr. Goolsby was inducted into the AANP Fellows in 2002 and is the FAANP Chair (July 2016-18).  In June 2013, the AANP Fellows named Dr. Goolsby as the 2013 recipient of the Loretta C. Ford Award for Advancement of the Nurse Practitioner Role in  Health Care. She was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing in October 2014.  


 From left to right, Loretta Ford Awardees Dr. Judy Berg (2015), Dr. Jan Towers (2014), and Dr. Mary Jo Goolsby (2013) with Dr. Loretta Ford.