Welcome to INPE-A New Resource for NPs!

An LLC with Non-Profit DNA

The Institute for NP Excellence (INPE) is a unique, NP-owned LLC formed by nurse practitioner (NP) Dr. Mary Jo Goolsby to promote excellence in NP practice and outcomes by providing superior, evidence-based education, research, and resources. Our goal is to provide content designed to help NPs make a greater difference in their patients' health.  The largest portion of our services involves delivery of continuing education through online and live activities.  Our programs are designed and delivered by expert NPs.

In 2015, INPE became the online CE Provider for Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) and for CVS Minute Clinic.  We develop and collaborate on online continuing education to mee the needs of these partners' constituents.  

INPE operates as a social enterprise hybrid between for-profit and non-profit entity, similar to the L3C model recognized in several states.  Our mission overrides other considerations, including profit optimization.  In addition to creating and disseminating education, research, and innovative information/resources, INPE contributes to funds designated for NP/NP student scholarships and grants.

INPE principal Mary Jo Goolsby has been an adult NP for over 35 years and has over 25 years of combined NP academic and continuing education experience in addition to 12 years of experience in non-profit executive leadership.  INPE was created to build on her prior work to make innovative resources readily available to NPs and NP students, regardless of membership in a particular organization. We are committed to squarely focusing on promoting excellence in NP practice, education, and research.


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